Sigma Alpha Kappa


Founded December 10, 1923
Loyola University New Orleans
Type social
Scope Loyola University New Orleans
Motto “Building Leaders with strong minds, strong bodies, and strong character”
Colors Gold, Black, and White
Flower White Carnation
Chapters 1
Headquarters Loyola University New Orleans
New Orleans, Louisiana,United States

Sigma Alpha Kappa (ΣΑΚ) is a local fraternity at Loyola University New Orleans[1]. SAK was founded on December 10 , 1923[2][3]. The founders were Harold Winling, Blaise D’Antoni, and F. Edward Hebert. The charter members were Ewell A. Smith, Albert D. Smith, Louis J. D’Antoni, Joseph R. Domengeaux, Cecil Gibson, Gordon Hebert, Harold Winling, and Leo B. Schwegmann.

Sigma Alpha Kappa stresses inclusion rather than exclusion and emphasizes academics, athletics, and social graces. The fraternity also enforces a strict no-hazing policy. Its colors are royal purple, black, and white. The official flower is the white carnation.

Sigma Alpha Kappa members are proud of their long association with Loyola. A SAK alumnus gave first alumni endowment to the university in 1939. Some of the gifts that the fraternity has given to the university over the years include a stained glass window in Marquette Hall, exercise equipment for the former Loyola field house, and the famous Loyola letters that sit on the front of the campus on St. Charles Ave.

Sigma Alpha Kappa purchased Loyola’s first fraternity house in 1924, remaining in it until it was sold in 1927.

SAK members participated in the first recorded inter-fraternal sports competition against Alpha Delta Gamma) and played the first intra-fraternal sports (old members vs. new members) at Loyola. Sigma Alpha Kappa, in fact, organized the first inter-fraternal sports league in 1927.

In 1975, Sigma Alpha Kappa lost its charter. However, with strong support from its alumni, the charter was regained in 2003.

  1. Dan Folse
    July 24, 2010 at 4:04 pm

    It appears that SAK’s colors have been changed, from purple and white, to black and gold. Why? It’s really not important to me. I’m just curious! The current and new members are the ones that need to be happy. Have a good day.

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